Re-Imagine Recycling

Not your typical trash company, Enkainos is re-defining waste management with an emphasis on environmental stewardship. Join us on our mission to re-imagine the waste lifecycle and revolutionize society’s relationship with trash.

Where unparalleled service meets unmatched vision

Simply put, the communities we support are cleaner and happier places to live. Consistent trash and recycling pickup play a crucial role in maintaining harmony within a neighborhood. Let our friendly associates tend to your community’s trash needs and keep ahead of communal disputes and negative reviews.

Enkainos imagines a world where nothing is wasted. We plan to accomplish this by demonstrating a new way to approach the product lifecycle. Enkainos partners with communities where they live, so we can rebuild the process from the ground up. Our main objectives in taking this approach are threefold.

  • Ability to control the collection and sorting from beginning to end
  • Minimize transfer of recycled materials by processing them locally
  • Sell finished products directly through online marketplaces

Contact Us

PO Box 4800
Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 324-3198

Practical Investment

Our valet trash services and property maintenance plans address real problems and help you eliminate these concerns for potential residents.

Part of the Community

Our friendly and helpful staff will be a reassuring sight to your residents. We go the extra mile and the residents we support notice.

Future Focused

All of our plans include free recycling. Our mission is to innovate easier and more efficient ways to reclaim value from our waste.